Talk. Text. Tweet

clara hughesHer athletic journey captured our hearts not just by winning in Olympics also by speaking about mental health.  Behind this beautiful smile, she suffers from depression.

One of the best way to rise above depression is by talking about it. She did and become a spokesperson for Bell Canada to bring awareness and help fight stigma.

Competition does not frighten her but depression does when it comes.

She has taken the conversation further to communities by cycling 12,000 km across Canada and share her journey with depression to other Canadians that they are not alone.

Her goal is to turn mental illness to mental wellness.

On January 28, Bell Canada will donate five cents more to Canadian mental health programs for every text or tweet message, wireless and long distance call made by Bell Canada and Bell Aliant customers. (Note that I am promoting mental wellness and not Bell Canada.)

Everytime we speak about this disease, we open the door of hope wider and the door of shame closes.

These are the five simple ways to help end the stigma about mental illness provided by Bell Canada:

  1. Language Matters
  2. Educate Yourself
  3. Be Kind
  4. Listen and Ask
  5. Talk About It

Come and join the conversation. Tell us what you do for your mental wellness.

Life is about rhythm


TGIM. Good Morning, World. It’s Monday, again.

One day, I realised that I was making the same trip every day for almost four years.

Waking up at the same time, taking the same routes through the same streets, walking on the same sidewalks in front of the same buildings […]

… called routine.

Because life is all about rhythm.


  1. A course of action to be followed regularly ; a standard procedure.
  2. A set of normal procedures, often performed mechanically.
  3. computing) A set of instructions designed to perform a specific task.

TGIM* Thank Goodness It’s Monday
Project by: Julien Douvier

You are excused should you truly know

Photo taken at an Art Gallery in Vancouver, BC

Photo taken at an Art Gallery in Vancouver, BC

Anyone who truly knows creatures
may be excused from listening to sermons,
for every creature is full of God,
and is a book.

~ Meister Eckhart

Each and every creature is a unique word of God, with its own message, its own metaphor, its own energetic style, its own way of showing forth goodness, beauty, and participation in the Great Mystery. Each creature has its own glow and its own unique glory. To be a contemplative is to be able to see each epiphany, to enjoy it, protect it, and draw upon it for the common good.  ~ Richard Rohr

Oh, I get by with a little help from a friend.

Bees are wonderful and helpful creatures.

bees (1)

Photographing bees with little knowledge on how to make them presentable does give injustice how beautiful they are. It’s difficult to express myself when I am totally in awe with these insects let alone posting an amateur photo. I need instructions on how to progress in photography and maybe it takes buying a new camera.  Obtaining a new one is out of the question since I still haven’t even read the instructions on how to use it!

Looking at photos of great photographers such as Amy’s The World is a Book site, I need guidance on Photography 101. With her kindness, I received plenty of tips and tricks that she left on Your Instruction.

bees (2)

One gains something from a little help from a friend in making myself better. I still have a long way to go and I will get better than this, than I was.

Thank you, Amy, for being the best Bee.