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In between times …is NOW.

About Now

My life is full of in between times. What I do with the in between times is the most important aspect of my life, for without it, life is meaningless.  The in between is ABOUT NOW.


In between reminds me of a good friend that I questioned ” what do you do in between”? That is load full of questions that has so many meanings and can be answered in many ways.  Surely, there is so much I can do in between.  It is mostly waiting  filled with wonders:

  • waiting in line
  • waiting for the next meal
  • waiting for the next vacation
  • waiting for the next pay check
  • waiting for the sun, moon, rain, snow
  • waiting for faith, hope, charity, health, joy
  • waiting for answers to my prayers, signs and miracles

The list is long.  While I wait, so much have happened or not happened, in between.

I just realized that my life is full of miracles from the day of my conception, birth, growing, adding years to my age until the time of my departure on earth is all in between times.  During this time, I experienced plenty and filled with gratitude.

As I defined myself:
Servant of the Lord, first and foremost. Lover of all sentient beings. Maurice and Lucy are my cats. I plant my own garden to decorate my soul, nurtures and keeps me grounded. Hummingbird  connects me to an awesome wonders and makes me feel at home. I am a pilgrim on this earth.

So I created this space to share with you my “In Between Times.” It is a continuous series of:

  • from one moment to the next,
  • from one thought to the next,
  • from one action to the next.

“People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and yet they pass by themselves without wondering. ~ St. Augustine of Hippo.”

“Often people demand a great deal from themselves and their lives and are despondent when reality does not measure up. Milton has long been understood as having offered consolation for this affliction, reminding us that we do not always have a say in the role that we play in the world and that sometimes we must learn to see the service we are giving when we are doing nothing but waiting.”

148 thoughts on “About Now

  1. Good to see you back! I’ve just been hanging on, trying to stay sane and happy in the waiting times…good to know you are doing the same. Waiting is hard work.

    • Thank you. Not quite here yet,Toni. Waiting takes patience and perseverance. At the moment, it’s growing thin. Hope your Mother is okay. Blessings. Perpetua.

      • Thank you for asking about Mama. After aduous tasks and driving, she is now in TN living with her baby siser in a small town and caring community. she is doing so well – good spirits, getting stronger, eating well. Still some memory and cognitive issues, but better.

        Patience can indeed wear very thin and sometimes, it seems that just nothing good is going to happen. I’ve been unemployed since March and having to fill out job applications for the first time in 26 years. I remind myself of Job and how God reminded him, when he was at the end of his rope, that He, God, made him and knew all that was going to happen and that He held the control. So I am putting my fate and faith into His capable hands and trying so very hard, not to be afraid. it is hard, but I’m trying. you keep trying and don’t give up. I’m saying prayers for you and I know you will do te same for me. We’ll both be okay for God has us in His hands.

      • Glad that Mama is in good hands and so are you. Job is an excellent example of having great faith that all will be well.

        Thank you for your prayers and you are right, I pray for you and the rest of the blogging world that needs prayers. Sometimes, I visit Patricia that I find her site helpful. She has private one on one if you need to help.

        Filling applications is so tedious. I’m sorry you have to go through that. In my line of work, I go on a yearly basis. One can never tell whether I’ll have a job for the next budget season and I’m not alone on this. So far, I’m ok for 2014/2015. Anyway, lets keep up the spirit and keep on praying for one another.

        BTW the soup recipe looks good. I need a good warm soup during this cold rainy days.

  2. This is so true. I was just talking about this with my friend. Life seems to be waiting, waiting, waiting. The concept of in between is very important. Great job! Really enjoyed reading this:-)

  3. I too seem to be “waiting” a lot. I have been waiting for a day off of work and behold today is that day. I am grateful that occasional teaching has been so busy for me but I am grateful for this day to catch up on some ‘me’ time. I love my kids but they are still at the age where they require a lot of my time. Again I am grateful. Before I know it they will be embarking on their own adventures. My oldest son has done so already having started university this past September and my middle son should be starting next September. Soon the house will be quiet but I will appreciate the little bit of solitude and time for catching up I am receiving today! Beautiful post Seeker. Your messages always seem to come at apropos times for me. Thank-you.

  4. What a great message… work for me is super hectic and I am always waiting for the weekend, a break in work load, the next holiday and I try to remind myself to enjoy the little things. Everyday will have something special and sometimes we are too busy to notice.

  5. Beautiful sentiments! Thank you for the reminder to smell the roses. And count our blessings.

  6. You have a beautiful blog, I think you have a great attitude. :-)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you liked it.

  7. Hi, thanks for liking my Living Dreams post, good to meet you!

  8. Lovely thoughts beautifully presented.

  9. Great post. Thanks so much!

  10. Dear Seeker,

    Your name
    a quality
    that seems
    to belie
    the simple fact
    that your seeking
    has brought
    you home
    again and again.

    I honor your journey into presence.


  11. You definitely are a seeker!!

  12. I like this, all the things that happen in life ~ perhaps we are most defined by what we do and how we do it when ‘nothing’ is happening. You sound like you’ve taken care of that very well ~ Cheers!

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