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In between times …is NOW.

About Now

My life is full of in between times. What I do with the in between times is the most important aspect of my life, for without it, life is meaningless.  The in between is ABOUT NOW.


In between reminds me of a good friend that I questioned ” what do you do in between”? That is load full of questions that has so many meanings and can be answered in many ways.  Surely, there is so much I can do in between.  It is mostly waiting  filled with wonders:

  • waiting in line
  • waiting for the next meal
  • waiting for the next vacation
  • waiting for the next pay check
  • waiting for the sun, moon, rain, snow
  • waiting for faith, hope, charity, health, joy
  • waiting for answers to my prayers, signs and miracles

The list is long.  While I wait, so much have happened or not happened, in between.

I just realized that my life is full of miracles from the day of my conception, birth, growing, adding years to my age until the time of my departure on earth is all in between times.  During this time, I experienced plenty and filled with gratitude.

As I defined myself:
Servant of the Lord, first and foremost. Lover of all sentient beings. Maurice and Lucy are my cats. I plant my own garden to decorate my soul, nurtures and keeps me grounded. Hummingbird  connects me to an awesome wonders and makes me feel at home. I am a pilgrim on this earth.

So I created this space to share with you my “In Between Times.” It is a continuous series of:

  • from one moment to the next,
  • from one thought to the next,
  • from one action to the next.

“People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and yet they pass by themselves without wondering. ~ St. Augustine of Hippo.”

“Often people demand a great deal from themselves and their lives and are despondent when reality does not measure up. Milton has long been understood as having offered consolation for this affliction, reminding us that we do not always have a say in the role that we play in the world and that sometimes we must learn to see the service we are giving when we are doing nothing but waiting.”

97 thoughts on “About Now

  1. Such inspiring thoughts can only come from a beautiful soul like you. In between whatever we are do affects our whole life therefore I visit your page to catch some noble ideas to make my in between time more meaningful.

  2. Beautiful reflection and intent. Thank you for sharing this and also for visiting my blog. Peace to you.

  3. Yes, it’s easy to get into impatient mode or resentful mode – when there are things to be appreciated now.

  4. I hadn’t thought of this perspective before … the waiting. It’s a fresh new thought. Thank you for sharing this on your blog.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wisdom, seeker! Great quote.

  6. What an inspiring post, am a fellow seeker following!

  7. Agree with this…and nice to revisit this and realize that this thought you have parallels my ideas as well. It is the in-between time that can really make a difference in a day (and a life). Beautiful work.

  8. This is lovely and deep. And so relevant to the world we live in today. The most we do today while waiting is complain. When that time can be filled with something equally if not more interesting that what we’re waiting for in the first place. I wish the world would slow down for a second, take a break and look around. And realise how beautiful it really is.

    • Tassem, You seem to have the right idea. The world will not slow down for us, we will slow down as we age and grow through life. In the meantime, we do what we do until we learn the lessons. And yes, it’s a beautiful world as you have captured in your photos.

  9. I’ve never thought of the “between” time. It’s an interesting view, I always think about the “waiting” time. Recently I’ve been writing during the waiting time, but I think between time is longer than the waiting time, I’m not sure but it’s food for thoughts. Have a great Sunday!

    • Hi Elizabeth, Writing is a good was while waiting and I do that as well in-between times. It’s a play with words and I happen to like it such as “in the meantime…”

  10. That is a very insightful post Seeker, I agree so much of our lives are “in between” possibly as much as 50%, so we must make the most of those times.

  11. The times in between are truly the sum of our lives, the substance that makes us who we are. Thanks for this lovely post. More ink to your pen!

    • And the paper refuses no ink :) We add up all these little in betweens and we end up with something more than what we currently have. Thank you.

      • your observation reminds me of John Lennon’s line in his song Beautiful Boy – “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

  12. At 65 living in the now becomes much more significant. The past a waste of time and the future too nearby.

  13. Dear seeker. It’s good thought. whatever is our in-between moment, it’s important we live the best of it and every moment of our life. Rgds

  14. Great post! Thanks for commenting on my blog today. :-)

  15. Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog, that led me to yours inspiring blog. I am glad you liked the picture on Relic

    I hope you enjoyed my posts and would want to visit ti back sometime.

    Much Love

    • The hand lead me to your relic. It is beautifully photographed. Keep on posting. I hope I will have time again to visit all the photo challenge. Take Care, Aanchal. Perpetua.

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