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Ordinary Lanscapes


And he’s back! KB’s poetry will take you to places with his words. Come and follow him. Travel with him, without a map.

Originally posted on The Mirror Obscura:

Ordinary Landscapes

The ordinary landscapes of your flesh
Are disappeared in the passing fog
And I have forgotten which paths led where.

It is in such absence that myths grow
Make those places more verdant
Than they ever were and the way
So much easier to travel than it was.

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May Day


Can you hear me scream?
Can you hear them scream?
Can you hear the whole Canada scream?

It’s tax time.
It’s time to cram and fill in the forms.
It’s time to file personal income tax return.

I’ve lost my tax receipt?
How fast can you provide a duplicate?
What do you mean it takes that long?

Have a heart so it won’t bleed.

Revenue Canada was hit by bleeding heart.
For five days the system was down to protect us.
We still have five more days to file our return.

Relax and stop screaming.

I think I’ll apply for a one way ticket to Mars.
Mars is starting to look good the way taxes are soaring.
The amount of taxes I paid to the government is enough
to pay for two cats to keep me company in the red planet.

Photo Credit: Thank you, Carl D’Agostino


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