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Say it with flowers


What a beautiful thing, a bouquet of tulips for me.  Thank you.

Knowing that Mum, how much longer will be in town for a couple of days in Vancouver waiting for the cruise ship to take her and her family to Alaska, I immediately said: Coffee is on me!  The last time she was here, we didn’t even know that we were in the same place when there was free hugs for hunger.

When meeting someone for the first time, we gave each other a clue so we can find one another.

Mum said that she will be the person with two heavy bags under her eyes on the hotel lobby waiting. Me, I will be that silver fox with  long hair. Well, I did not see any woman with heavy bags.  Mum found me first.  It’s so easy to spot a long silver hair but not the fox. Who am I kidding.

It was a real pleasure to meet a blogger in person.

We chatted animatedly as if we were long-lost friend over coffee and dinner by the Waterfront of Vancouver.  Thank goodness, the weather cooperated and not a drop of precipitation.

Mum and family must be in the middle of the ocean by now and have passed the narrow inside passage of Vancouver Island.

Thank you again for the flowers, Mum, and for taking the time to meet with me.  Safe journey.

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Metaphor, Emotion and Ideas


KB did it again. When it comes to writing, KB can put words together that ignites one’s imagination. A brilliant poet and very original. Read or listen to his words.

Originally posted on The Mirror Obscura:

Metaphor, Emotion and Ideas

I forget the way inside
So visible as written doorways
I have spent living to erase.
Window light floats over me.
It is just enough to allow
The birds of my spirit to fly
In and out among the voices
Waiting the streets for a pause
In the emotion of an idea to form.

The resemblance of love drifts
In smoke no touch can grasp, no words
Can describe, no sight can pinion.
I run to the horizon of escaping day
Wishing that light will become
A lover as long as I am willing
To travel without tiring,
From want of breath break
Vows I would have made
To be accepted for what I am.
But this is a fantasy best left.
The substance of another thought
Will only quench my thirst
For wanting to feel whole
–Two arms around me, giving
Without asking more than…

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Missing the fun – the only true tragedy.

More than just a character, Holy Molé is a cartoon that represents the place where higher aspirations of existence intertwine with the practicality of everyday living. The two main characters represent this dichotomy and, through their friendship, they find a balance that is essential and love that is enduring. The cartoon is not intended to be religious; rather it represents the archetypical seeker in society striving for meaning in an often-complex world.
hole mole

Hole Mole  reminds us not to take the drama too seriously, or else we may miss the fun – the only true tragedy.


Source: Holy Molé Cartoon




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