The Seeker

In between times …is NOW.

19 thoughts on “Push to add drama

  1. This was just brilliant Miss P ;-)
    Thanks! I needed a laugh today :-)

  2. Amazing share & thank you for putting this across. LOL.
    ‘dod’ Rangers

  3. We have been asking ourselves the same thing for days…..

  4. Funny I have felt that way all day today!

  5. Oh wow, sometimes I feel like someone pushed the button too. :)

  6. It worked !…..It woke me up and I almost walked!

  7. Well, a bit over dramatic for a live commercial. :)

  8. Well if it isn’t a full moon, it should be, dear seeker! That was fabulous! Did you see the sequel? There was a banner at the top to push for even MORE drama! *LOL* Thanks for the Friday laugh!! Cher xo

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