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On the move from hall to hall


“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand. You can feel it, they can feel it, you can feel it all over people” ~ Stevie Wonder

Hurry up,

and wait.

It never fails.  My family and I rushed to an event so that we are first in line to an event that we have waited for. In the first place, we don’t have our tickets. The photographer has our tickets and he is way too busy taking pictures of the event. Needless to say, we have to patiently wait for him.

The photographer is dearest brother.  Oh, how exciting for a night out on an empty stomach.  Oh, how I’m famished and I hope my stomach won’t make a loud rambling sound during the event.  That would be too embarrassing.

The event is Spirit Alive! Gala Choir Concert performed by a group of secondary students considered to be the best in Canada.  They were invited at Carnegie Hall in New York earlier this year,  have been on the move performing and finally at our very own hall at Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.

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As the children sang. the audience  moved their heads bobbing, toes tapping, bodies swaying from side to side, cheering, whistling and clapping. I could see proud parents, relatives, friends and teachers waving at the performers to catch their attention. This is an opportunity to join them and embarrass the students that I know. Maybe not. I behaved.

I must say I am also proud of the three children that I know in the group: the son of my colleague, son of my cousin and daughter of the photographer, my niece.

Well done!

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