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Book Lover



“Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.” 
― Anne Herbert

Books are here to stay.

via: Burnaby Public Library

Author: seeker

I am a pilgrim on this earth.

9 thoughts on “Book Lover

  1. I have recently rekindled a love of Libraries. Wonderful places full of free entertainment and learning. :-)

  2. the public library was a place to get an education if you didn’t have a generous trust fund….

    • When was this? I though school is a place to get an education. Public schools are free.

      • it can be difficult learning in a class of thirty kids…if they don’t want to learn…also the learning is grounded in the curriculum…Math and English is useful but other learning may not suit the individual.

      • There is a standard education, unfortunately. 30 kids is a bit much. 20 is good. The challenge for teachers is how to ignite the passion in the kids. There are great teachers out there no matter how the kids behave.

  3. I remember my first time in a library. The smell of books, the silence – it was hallowed ground, and still feels like that.

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