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I love watching this movie over and over again.  It is such a pleasure to listen to her songs and I sing along with her.  I used to feel guilty because speaking French with Filipino accent just doesn’t cut it.  Now with the wrap music going on, it really doesn’t matter how I sing as long as it’s the song from La Vie en Rose.

Pretty soon I will be able to speak french.  Oui?  Merci.

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I am a pilgrim on this earth.

14 thoughts on “Re-run

  1. I love her!! I hadn’t heard of it either. I am going to have to watch it now! :-) I do honestly love this women’s music. I’d love to hear a Filipino speak French! :-)

    • You will love the show, Tk. It’s just such a beautiful piece. It has English subtitles. Listen, I can’t even speak English properly let alone French. :P

  2. when I saw that movie the first and only time I cried for days afterwards!
    Have only been able to watch it once – am emotionally not strong enough to watch it again, but it was beautiful and her tunes will live on forever more!

    • Ms. G. I can believe you. I felt the same way and everything I listen to her songs, in some ways it gives me strength considering the hardship she went through. Love this movie!

  3. No, I regret nothing…what a treat! I had never even heard of this movie. Wow!

  4. I don’t know how her songs can make the hair stand up on my arm and bring a tear to my eye, when I don’t understand the language? This song came up when that one finished, she was much younger.

  5. I can also speak French, in my dreams. Hahaha!

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