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The title alone of this poem is very catchy as well as the quote from Martin Buber: “Solitude is a place of purification.” I enjoyed reading this poem and I hope you do, too.

Originally posted on MY WALL:

Swan Quotation
I dare not be silent for I am afraid
my own soul shall speak
of truth I do not wish to hear.
Where shall I hide from the tide
that will sweep me clean of myself?
There, in the praise of people,
in the shelter of kindred thoughts
that lift me up high
and shield my eyes from arms
raised in defiance of my desires;
there, in the thousand and one endeavors
that occupy my time and my hands
that convince me
I am doing something worthwhile.
But for how long?
How long can I escape
this Inquisitor that grows with the night
and lies in wait in my sleep?
“I am only human, flawed,” dare I say
to defend myself
against the Inquisitor convinced
I can rise above my nature’s imperfection.
How easy will it be
if I need not answer questions
about my accountability.
Yet, that is the…

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Author: seeker

I am a pilgrim on this earth.

4 thoughts on “SOLITUDE (for DVERSE)

  1. It really is nice that you have shared your find with us, thank you! :-)

  2. Thank you very much, Seeker. I was wondering why an old post was getting so many visits, until I saw the reblog notice. I attribute the spike to your kindness. :-)

    • It’s worth reblogging, Imelda. And you write beautiful and I like to show and tell: Look! Look! Look what I found. So there. You are most welcome and it is my pleasure.

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