The Seeker

In between times …is NOW.

I wonder


Baby james reading

As a child becomes aware, he notices that the
world around him is filled with other living things.

There are animals, bugs, birds and creepy
crawlers going about their own lives
that fascinate him.

A caterpillar inches along.
A chickadee sings high in up on a tree.
A bee buzzes from flower to flower.

Suddenly he is filled with wonders.
And a million questions begin.

I wonder why kangaroos have pouches.
I wonder why caterpillars eat so much.
I wonder why camels have humps.
I wonder why horses wear shoes.
I wonder why spiders spin webs.
I wonder why the sun rises.
I wonder why whales sing.

Why do birds sing?
Why can’t penguins fly?
Why do plants have flowers?
Why do leopards have spots?
Why does it get dark at night?
Why are bees busy in summer?
Why do kangaroos have pouches?

Too many questions.

I wonder myself, too.
I cannot seem to remember for
my thoughts have been placed
by useless mundane stuff of
everyday busyness of life.

Author: seeker

I am a pilgrim on this earth.

13 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. Love a child’s wonderment. Great poem! <3

  2. I wonder why we have to grow up. :)

  3. Afternoon Perpetua! :)

    I loved this! Now as an adult I’ve always wondered why pubs/hotels have such huge car parks, when you can’t drink and drive?

    Love to you and have a great day. Hugs Paula xxxx

  4. The ever-questioning why… lovely, lovely words! :)

  5. Great poem. Great thoughts. You captured the essence of why I love children so much.

  6. Great poem. It makes me think… and think… Thanks.

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