18 thoughts on “Make Room

  1. I always admire those who garden, I am the worst. Doesn’t matter how hard I try, I can’t even get basil to grow :-) If I were near you I’d surely accept any plants you might offer!!! Good choices for the Room challenge Perpetua!

    • Tina, I never did garden before. I never thought I could do it. I tried and tried. Eventually learned. Just like your photography, at the moment, I am incapable of learning all about camera. That is why I stick to point and shot. I’ll send you some seeds. :P Thank you. Perpetua.

    • Imelda, these uprooted plants are perennials that crowded the space in a year of a small garden. When spring is warm enough I control the perennials, throw or give them away and make room for annuals. The annuals are mostly alyssum, fushia, begonia, lobelia, etc. Can’t help but bought a Five finger fern, the tall one you see in the photo. The annuals are starting to mature and look so pretty right now.

      • The ferns add body to the garden. They make a good backdrop for everything. I planted dahlias and pansies (my boys’ choices for their plants, actually), but they do not seem to do well.

        I guess one reason I like perennials is that they just come back and grow with minimum care.

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