The Seeker

In between times …is NOW.

20 thoughts on “How do you feel today?

  1. Monday faces. I’ll take the first. :D

  2. missed the bus, woke up with a smile on my face

  3. I think I am the fourth picture! :-)

  4. Ha ha, yep, that was my first five minutes this morning also, lol!

  5. Ha ha–can you be all of them at once? That’s what I would choose today!

    • With your mathematical equation and statistics, I say the students look like the middle on the left side row. Crossed eyes and lip smacking good. Tee hee.

  6. Like 11 out of 12 of these.

  7. I think the third one across top row today, tired. Yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwn.

  8. Tired, but good. >KB

    • Well, with all that poems you wrote, I can understand that. I can’t even keep up reading them all. So I just started sharing them in FB using #poetry (hashtags) so that others will read your post. Don’t burn out now.

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