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In between times …is NOW.


Series of thoughts on living and death. We don’t have forever.

Give them a packet of seeds to plant and nurture.
New growth means never too late to start living.
Encourage those around who simply exist.
Show them the endless possibility of life.
Every moment is a new beginning.
You can do it.
Step by step.
Adjust along the way.
Look into people’s faces and eyes.
Simple pleasures and beauty abounds.
Hold, hug, touch, smile, visit, call… Do it NOW.
You are given this life with no plot.
Like in the movies, it has a script.
Your life has no preview.
Be active in writing your life story.
Use your imagination.
Write or rewrite.
Be surprised with unexpected scenarios.
Not knowing the exact ending.
Make it exciting.
Let it unfold.
Death is just around the corner.
You realized you have never actually lived.
Squeeze every ounce of living while you can.
Squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze.
We only have one life.
Moments don’t last forever.
Disappearing too quickly.
Never to return.
“He is not here, for he has risen.”


Refracted Life

Refracted waterKeep looking, always. You will find lights dance and glisten on any surface. Observing how alive, animated and interesting the reflection of the sun, patterns will emerge.

Refracted glowEven in the dark, you will glow. There is always beauty to find playing with children.

Refracted SignAristocratic. It has a distinctive neon sign boasting “courteous service, quality food, all over town.” True to its form. The best restaurant in the early years.

Photo Credit to Tina Schell of Travels and Trifles

Photo Credit to Tina Schell of Travels and Trifles

How many people did you send rainbow colours and refracted your own light back to you?


Autumn of Life

Tito Boots Oct 16, 2014

The autumn leaves can dazzle us with their magnificent colors:
deep red, purple, yellow, gold, bronze,
in countless variations and combinations.

Then, shortly after having shown their unspeakable beauty,
they fall to the ground and die.

The barren trees remind us that winter is near.
Likewise, the autumn of life has potential to be very colourful:
wisdom, humor, care, patience, and joy
may bloom splendidly just before we fall to the ground and die.

As we look at the barren trees and remember our dead,
let us be grateful for the beauty we saw them
and wait hopefully for a new spring.

~ Henry Nouwen


Dreams do come true.

Thanksgiving celebration feels like Christmas and Easter to me. It’s the sharing, giving and gratitude.

Where I came from, Philippines, it’s not part of a tradition since every day is Thanksgiving Day.  Now that we are in Canada, we embrace it.

October is a busy month for all the Octoberian birthday celebrants, so we combine birthdays and thanksgiving celebration as one big feast. This year, we had Chinese food to make things easier. No mess, no fuzz.

However, my Aunt cooks up a storm and that is a tradition in her immediate family.  It’s a small gathering for single adults.

Turkey dinner, mash potato, pumpkin pie, cranberry, and all the trimmings.

Not much of a turkey eater. I only eat the Pope’s nose (the bum).

My neighbour brought me this on a platter yesterday. I will have one at my Aunt’s place and I am pretty sure when I come home, another nose will be in the fridge coming from a dear friend next door who has a key to the apartment. Ah, life is grand.

Another surprise is a video prepared by my cousin in thanksgiving for having a new life in Vancouver on Thanksgiving Friday on a rainy day of 1966. The video includes his family and relatives in North America.

This weekend, we will reflect on the great many blessings that we received and still yet to have.

Dreams do really come true.”

Our family’s faith is deeply embedded in Catholicism. We are always thankful and we give thanks with a grateful heart to the Lord, our God.

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in Canada and I want to thank you all for sharing your blogs and readership.

Pax Tecum, Perpetua


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