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In between times …is NOW.


Gratitude Sunday


G od knows I’m blessed

R eality checks remind me

A bundance is everywhere

T hanks is all I need offer

I n return

T aking my time to relax and receive

U ndoing my fears of unworthiness

D ivine gifts flow

E ver more freely

I am thankful for Harula in leaving her footprints in my site, her site Words that Serve  and learned about acrostic on Gratitude.  She has complied a series of words and created a poetic vertical crossword puzzle.

Thank you, Harula. I am feeling blessed.


The Hummingbirds

Image credit: Bella Remy Photography of Hoof Beats and Foot Prints

Image credit: Bella Remy Photography of Hoof Beats and Foot Prints

“The Hummingbirds”

In this book
there are many hummingbirds—
the blue-throated, the bumblebee, the calliope,
the cinnamon, the Lucifer, and of course
the ruby-throated.


Well, that’s all you can do.
For they’re swift as the wind
and they fly, not across the pages but,
like many shy and other-wordly things,
between them.

I know you’ll keep looking now that I’ve told you.
I’m hungry to see them too, but I can’t
hold them back even for a moment, they’re
busy, as all things are, with their own lives.
So all I can do is let you know
they’re here somewhere.

All I can do is tell you
by putting my own hunger on the page.

Blue Horses:Poems by MARY OLIVER

Emily Carter is the writer and photographer of the blog Hoof Beats and Foot Prints; She is a photojournalist. With her passion  on nature especially the birds, I’ve learned to distinguish all kinds of feathered friends. Not only that, there’s cat and mouse, too, which is my favourite story posted here.

Thank you, Emily, for allowing me to use one of your photos. Perpetua.

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Guest Post: RARASAUR!!!!!!

animation of sun

Today, the sun set over me. Her rays warmed the air and her shimmering power stilled the clouds. Fragments of orange and silky webs of red-purple shot around in all directions, kissing the ground with pink light. The sun herself glorified in the show–radiating inward as much as outward–reveling in her great celestial roundness and yawning into her cosmic nap.

Read the rest at Kozo’s site:  Guest Post: RARASAUR!!!!!!.   Thank you, Kozo.



Waiting In Between Times

What do you do when you are in you’re in between times waiting to get the treatment that you can walk again?

Jim Kaszynski “THE IDEA MAN’ life changing adventure from Thailand raising funds for an orphanage, to walking 500 miles of Camino de Santiago de Compostela, to losing his mobility ending up at Mayo Clinic for treatment does not dampen his zest for life.

This is a video clip that he took at the clinic. I have no doubt that Jim will be able to stand up and dance again.

Please keep him in your prayers and send him positive energy for his recovery. Blessings to all and thank you.


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