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Waiting In Between Times

What do you do when you are in you’re in between times waiting to get the treatment that you can walk again?

Jim Kaszynski “THE IDEA MAN’ life changing adventure from Thailand raising funds for an orphanage, to walking 500 miles of Camino de Santiago de Compostela, to losing his mobility ending up at Mayo Clinic for treatment does not dampen his zest for life.

This is a video clip that he took at the clinic. I have no doubt that Jim will be able to stand up and dance again.

Please keep him in your prayers and send him positive energy for his recovery. Blessings to all and thank you.


I will inspire being ordinary


“I will inspire by being ordinary.There are too many “inspiring” stories of people who leave everything behind in order to travel the world. I will tell stories of people who stay, who find contentment in what would seem a humdrum life, who work and go home and save $10 a month in their travel fund, most of the paycheck having already gone to milk for their kids and educational funds and utility bills…and who, after 10 years, finally go on a 5-day trip to Paris. I will celebrate the courage of working with what you have, the heroism of looking at the banal and saying: “This is my life and I am happy with it.”


A quote that I am proud to share written as a Travel Tales and Tips for Ordinary Filipinos for DPChallenge not to mention that it was chosen as Freshly Pressed recently.


Suicide and the Narrative of Choice


COMPASSION… what we need is compassion for people who are suffering from any disease. For people that commits suicide or survive suicide, blame does not help or saying How can you do this! LEARN, we need to learn from another. I am still learning from my own history. This post is the best one I can relate to. As for now, I am filled with gratitude being alive. Faith, family, care givers and bloggers who shared their experience. Let us help one another understand with compassion.

Originally posted on bottomfacedotcom:

Whilst reading about the tragic death of the great Robin Williams I repeatedly stumbled upon the narrative of choice. Places like Psychcentral spoke about suicide being an “insidious choice”, but a “choice” nonetheless, so much so that they repeated the word to drive the message home. Meanwhile, whilst perusing social media I repeatedly came across variations of “people who commit suicide are selfish”, “how can anyone do that to their family?”. These sorts of comments make me twitchy. We’ve all heard them before.

In my own case they were personalised and weaponised, “How could YOU do that to your children? Do YOU not care about them?” I did, that was the problem. For some time I had felt like a millstone around the necks of my family. I loved them, but hated myself and could only see the ways I made their lives worse. After 2 failed suicide attempts in…

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What equals nine?


A funny post.
Question: What do you do with a “drive by commentators?” This reminds me of drive by “likers”. I call them hit-and-run. Worst are posts that use “pingbacks”.

Originally posted on friarmusings:

What do you wantOne of the interesting things about “blogging” is what happens off-line. WordPress has a feature for “comments” and it is a controllable feature. You can allow all comments and then remove inappropriate ones as you see fit. But then that means you have to monitor; sometimes manners and charity are not hallmarks of text and comments left behind. It takes time. Not willing to dedicate time to the supervising task? The blog administrator can not allow any comments at all.  That takes no additional time to oversee. There is at least one “middle way.” You can allow comments but require that all comments be approved before they are posted on one’s blog. That takes some time, but you have the luxury of getting to such things when you have time.

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Never Again?


As we are safe and sound in the confines of our own little world, posting beautiful happy photographs, let us be mindfull of what is happening to others: Note that this a graphic post that I am sharing with you. Viewers discretion advise.

Originally posted on Bipolar-Reb:

Convert or die. ISIS militants are crucifying victims because to them crucifixion is especially humiliating due to its Christian implications.

Convert or die. ISIS militants are crucifying victims because to them crucifixion is especially humiliating due to its Christian implications.

“I don’t speak because I have the power to speak; I speak because I don’t have the power to remain silent” – Rabbi A.Y. Kook

Some of the images I`m including in this blog post are extremely graphic, at this point either read it or not, people need to see the real reality going on in Iraq

I`m breaking Shabbat just by posting this but it needs to be written, for the past week I`ve been

following the horrible crimes that have been committed in Iraq. ISIS has gone on a campaign of brutal violence and murder, destroying Christian communities and other minorities like the Yazidis. It makes me wonder why does the world not care about these people? Why does the world show any lack of remorse? Why are…

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Thursday Re-View — Of Ladybugs and Dragonflies…and Love


It’s wonderful that there are  signs and wonders given to us especially a Ladybug. I’m lucky enough to hear from Soul Gathering post that shares her Ladybug story. It’s a wonderful read.

Originally posted on Soul Gatherings:

There are signs.

Signs of our departed loved ones telling us all will be well and that there is life after death, if we only have the faith and willingness to believe.

For Mom, it’s a ladybug. ladybug

When she died 25 years ago from breast cancer at the age of 59, (see “Remembrance”), Mom left behind a husband, 2 daughters and 3 grandsons. Speaking for myself, her “baby,” I was in total shock, having spent the entire month of February driving to the hospital after work and watching her suffer. After her death, I was totally drained physically, emotionally and spiritually.

One of the first things we did as a family without Mom was to drive 8 hours to my best friend’s wedding in North Carolina, the wedding that Mom promised to bake her delicious Italian cookies for (what is a wedding without countless trays laden with homemade…

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