Gratuitous – the devolution of a good word


Like gratitude, grace, and congratulate, gratuitous is a descendant of the Latin wordgratus, which means “pleasing” or “grateful.” When gratuitous was first used in the middle of the 17th century, it meant “free” or “given without return benefit or compensation.” The extended meaning “done without good reason” or “unwarranted” came about just a few decades later, perhaps from the belief held by some people who one should not give something without getting something in return.

In addition to my Sunday Snippets, Good Friar has a word for today. Gratefully yours, Perpetua.

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From Merriam Webster’s “Word of Day

Definition (adjective)
1 : done or provided without recompense : free
2 : not called for by the circumstances : unwarranted

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My First Christmas


I love Christmas stories and this is worth sharing. What is your story?

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First, I want to say “Happy Holidays!” to all of you! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, New Year and a great 2015!

Now, I would like to tell you the story of my first Christmas. When I was preparing to post this story, I could still feel all the emotions I had gone through at that night. It was a magical night that I would never forget.
* * *
Christmas came to me unexpectedly in 1962, when I was 11.

My family was poor. We seldom went any place. Biking was my favorite activity. On December 24, I left home after lunch. Like any other day, I didn’t have a destination, simply following the traffic lights: red light meant turn to the right, green light meant go straight ahead. Thirty minutes later I was getting tired and decided to turn around. That was when I saw my classmate…

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The Endurance of Tacloban: Heart of the Philippines


China Sojourns provided us with an excellent photography, writting, lessons and Save the Children project on the impact of Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban, Philippines. An Excellent post! And I want to add with the gifts of faith, hope, and love the Filipinos will recover and become stronger people. Thank you, Randall for keeping us up-to-date.

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Tacloban Philippines Save the Children Yolanda -35

Violent winds swirl the dark, ominous thunderclouds overhead. The pounding waves crash onto the rocky shore and the roar of the Pacific Ocean makes its intention clear: thrash anything in its path.

With electricity in the air, I am oblivious to everything except the power coming my way as rain beats against my face, sucking me into the depths of the storm.

Tacloban Philippines Save the Children Yolanda -33

Ever since I was young, the powerful forces of storms, especially on the Oregon Coast, have held a rare type of electricity for me.  Electricity that excites my soul and eliminates any trace of fear I may have.

Chasing the idea of becoming one with the storm.  Not just to see the power unravel in front of me, but to physically feel this rare electricity.

Tacloban Philippines Save the Children Yolanda -3

The past three days I’ve experienced a different type of feeling.

Walking along the Tacloban city coastline watching the sunrise, I am beginning…

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