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Endurance creates happy endings

Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one endures that the final victory comes. ~ Buddha”

Dogs go through endurance test so that owners can have fun with them; dog obedience is one of the training they endure.  You say to the dog sit, the dog sits; bark, the dog barks; roll-over, the dog rolls-over.  This is a fun and simple way to train a dog and maybe, just maybe they become super dogs.

In my walks, I’ve met so many dogs that did not have this luxury.Dog wpc mexico

This was a street dog in Mexico. I wonder what kind of life he led prior to him being found by a good man, brought him to Canada and is now living a good life.

dog wpc fighting

A dog rescued being trained to be a dog fighter is now a beautiful playful dog that loves playing with stones in the pond.  A stone and a pond is all what he loves to do now, no fighting.

dog wpc patience

For this dog, he endures the heat while his master tends to the garden.

Ani is our therapy dog during the long period of teachers strike days. She was there and endured all that touch, hugs, rubs, food, walks and plenty of love from all of us.

dog wpc therapy

Without Ani during the strike, hours would have drag on and boring.  Thank you, Ani, for enduring the humans for we are a whole bunch of whiners.


Daisy our Mascot

Walk, walk, walk.  That’s all we did since September 2, walking in solidarity with the teachers. Pet owners bring their dog for show and tell mostly and the dogs are just loving the attention.  One dog is so cute as a button. Her name is Daisy, our mascot.

Dog on strike

Daisy is a spoilt brat. She prefers to be carried instead of putting her cute little paws on the pavement. Besides, she prefers to maintain her well manicured toe nails. Soooo…. Mommy bought her two pairs of shoes.

Dog with shoes

Move over Lady Gaga, her comes Lady Daisy. Did she walk with these shoes? Are you kidding me!

Oh, she doesn’t eat bacon. She has to maintain her BMI (body mass index).


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