Kiss Me, I’m Irish

Irsih Wolfhound

I will give thee a dog which I got in Ireland. He is huge of limb, and for a follower equal to an able man. Moreover, he has man’s wit, and will bark thine enemies, but never at thy friends. And he will see by each man’s face whether he be ill or well disposed towards thee. And he will lay down his life for thee. ~ The Icelandic Saga of Niall

Kiss me, I’m Irish.

I’m not talking about the lady, I’m referring to the Irish Wolfhound Dog.

This is the first time I’ve seen an Irish dog. It’s gigantic and I don’t know what to make of it. I can describe it as tall as a Great Dane with a body structure of a Greyhound and personality of a Boxer.

Did he kiss me? Yes he did!

This was taken during our Celtic Festival at Downtown Vancouver. Streets were car free, pedestrians only. These dogs are members of Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada BC Branch.

In Love With Love


Photograph by Adam Harnett/Carters News Agency

Puppy Love: Nettle, a mother dog, never worried when she needed a break from her pups. A chicken named Mabel was happy to take over as surrogate mom. Brought to live inside a farmhouse in England after a horse stepped on her foot, Mabel would fluff up her feathers, plop down on top of her brood of pups, and tuck them under her body as if they were chicks.

Horses during courtship, mature stallions and mares sniff, nuzzle, nicker, and even nip at each other.

Pigs, which have been living side by side with humans for some 9,000 years, cooperate in social groups known as sounders.

* National Geographic ~True Love: Surprising Photos of Animal Affection.


Love is in the air

YourShot NatGeo Photograph by AbdulQader AlAni

YourShot NatGeo Photograph by AbdulQader AlAni

A male camel waiting for a female on the main road. When I approach the female, I heard a sound from the male and the female goes to him. So lovely.

Fade out ……

Finally, Caleb found his true love, quit his job as the star of hump day and they live happily ever after.

*AbdulQader AlAni, photographer