Better Than Freshly Pressed

The best award is your readership and the best gift is

A Gift of Nothing
Awards All Mine to Give
Thank you everyone for playing with me,
You all deserve these. 

20 thoughts on “Better Than Freshly Pressed

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    • Hi Eagle, Saw you at Mother of Nine9, thank you for agreeing. I think one of the reasons I have these awards people other bloggers know that I will share them all out. Thank you and have a splendid month. Seeker.

      • Drat…
        Cheers for letting me know x
        You could always go to my site and take it from there..

        x All good x

      • lol…
        All about Sharing the Caring..
        Learning from mistakes..
        Keeping friends..
        Making new friends…

        And yeah. welcome to the team.

        You have a way to go to join the Pirate crew though with me and two amazing Dutch girls. :-)


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