Old is inspiring. Old is beautiful. Old is character. Old isn’t dead.

Old Faithful Project by Pete Thorne

Old Faithful Project by Pete Thorne

Notice how distinct older dog’s faces are compared to more youthful ones. All the telltale signs: lumps and bumps, gray hair, chipped and missing teeth. Some had loss their eyesight, some were missing their eyes altogether – evidence of both a struggle with old age and of a life well lived.

In the pictures in Old Faithful, their lives are written all over their faces. Lifetimes of digging, barking, licking and loving. They’re the kinds of dogs who have comforted you, frustrated you, peed on you, and been your friend through it all.

This is a project of Pete Thorne photographing old dogs. The older the better.

Visit his website to see more photos of Old Faithful at Pete Thorne Photo as well as read the back stories of these old doggies on Facebook.

Old Faithful Photo Project by Pete Thorne

Old Faithful Photo Project by Pete Thorne

If you’re interested in having your pet photographed while he’s in Vancouver contact pete@petethornephoto.com.

* Source: Pete Thorne Photo website and Facebook


You’ve got a friend

Came out of the office for coffee break and this is what I saw. A vision of loveliness.
rescue dogA perfect friendship. This is a rescue dog. Still young but too big for its age. The strongest tail, ever. Tail wagging, happy to see me, the master said stay away from the tail, too late, whipped! Wow, tail can leave a sting.
rescue dog 1As Snoopy would say, a perfect friend is:

  • always happy to see you
  • loves to share and smile
  • has a warm spot for you
  • always standing by your side
  • full of great advice
  • ready to listen at a moments notice
  • good for holding and helping
  • available to lean on.