Globally speaking

VSB Student Artwork

VSB Student Artwork

I am

I’m but a human,
a leaf, a bee, a fish,
a ripple in the surface of still waters,
I’m mainly water,
crushed by risk acceptance,
new science of fakes,
deciding that life’s unique beings,
are just percentiles…
the political – scientist can do without,
leaves, bees, fish,
Me and You alike,
Globally speaking!

Poetic thought by George-B

And I would like to add that deep inside of us, we have a heart and the colour of our blood is the same.

I stumbled on this poem due to a slip of a finger using iPad at Sound Cloud by George-B.  George has a wide selections of classical music that I go to his site to listen while I do housekeeping or while I write. Thank you George for allowing me to share your poetic thought.

14 thoughts on “Globally speaking

  1. Wow, another great gift! I can see (hear) why you go to his site for the inspiring music! I have bookmarked, and will certainly play in the future. He has so many good tunes, eh? Thanks, P!

  2. I’m glad my attempt to a coherent thought, were at the tips of your fingers. I ‘also am happy for the review and the post you created around the idea of the importance you’re given as individuals, hare and elsewhere, now and in the future: all we have to do is rewrite the deceiving banners to better reflect the reality, no matter how differently the wording may be!
    Thank you Seeker!

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